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Hello September Hello September

The lazy days of summer are ending. Back-to-school is in the air and with it a feeling that it’s time to reorganize for fall. Spend the next couple of weeks purging, decluttering and preparing for the coming holidays. Start with the few things inside your home that need to be deep cleaned or tending to the things we sometimes forget about, such as deep cleaning your freezer or checking the batteries in your fire detector. Think about having a garage sale to get rid of some unwanted items. You may have some clothes in a box that you’ve been wanting to donate – now is the time. If you have kids, this would be the perfect time to purge their playroom and make room for the new holiday toys they may be receiving. While you’re purging, think about prepping your hall closet for winter coats. When you’ve finished the inside chores, get outside and begin to prepare your yards for the upcoming winter weather. You can do this by cleaning out gutters, filling bald spots in the lawn and raking up leaves. Getting reorganized and prepared for fall now will give you more time to celebrate and enjoy the upcoming chilly weather and holidays!

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Give Where You Live!

Give Where You Live!

Our Bank of England Mortgage team in Jacksonville, Florida held their second annual First Responder Appreciation Day and gave back to Northeast Florida’s brave First Responders earlier this month! The team, along with other businesses in the community, prepared lunch and invited local first responders to take a break from their busy day to grab something to eat! They had a fantastic turn out and were able to thank these men and women for all their hardwork in keeping their community safe.

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BOE's Life

BOE's Life

Game Day Chili

Game Day Chili

With the cold weather comes football season! If you’re looking for an easy, warm recipe to put on your table for game day – look no further. This Game Day Chili is a great meal for a hardcore football fan! You can prepare, throw in a crock pot and grab when it’s ready! For the complete recipe visit

How Much Do You Save?

Planning, Saving, Investing & Home Equity

Generations ago, Americans routinely saved 10% or more of what they made, either depositing those savings or investing them. This kind of thriftiness is still found elsewhere in the world. Today, the average euro area household saves more than 12% of its earnings! Find out more by reading our latest blog!” For the full article, visit:


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