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Benefits of kids playing sports

Benefits of kids playing sports

Youth sports can have many benefits for young people. Some include learning the sport they play, understanding what it takes to compete and the enjoyment of being part of a team. Playing sports also teaches youngsters about responsibility and being part of a team -- the importance of teamwork. Since participating in youth sports is a privilege, children have to earn that right by performing well in school. Read more.....

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“Funds Serving the Y” became “FUNDSY”

FUNDSY Gala Dinner event

Monica Walker is with our Meridian, OH branch, who is also a board member and Gala Chairperson for the 50th year Fundsy Gala.

FUNDSY, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in 1967 for the purpose of raising funds for charitable and community capital improvement projects. The organization began with community leaders coming together to raise funds for capital improvements at the downtown Boise YMCA (“Funds Serving the Y” became “FUNDSY”). After several years of successful auctions, the founders decided to accept proposals from nonprofits and choose beneficiaries on alternate years. Because funds for capital improvements, “bricks and mortar,” were more difficult for charities to raise, as grants and corporate giving usually are restricted to programs, founders decided FUNDSY would fill this important need for the growth of their community’s arts, education, civic and social service non-profit organizations.

The FUNDSY Board of Directors consists of business, community, and civic leaders who establish policy, select beneficiaries, raise funds, solicit in-kind and cash donations, lend administrative support, and actively participate in the FUNDSY process. Funds are generated for selected non-profit organizations on a two-year cycle through the proceeds from silent and live auctions at the FUNDSY Gala Dinner event.

FUNDSY selected Camp Rainbow Gold as their 2016 beneficiary. Camp Rainbow Gold provides summer oncology camps, support groups, and scholarship programs for the children of Idaho with cancer and their families. The 50th Annual FUNDSY Gala, on May 7 of 2016, benefit Camp Rainbow Gold’s year-round programming. Camp Rainbow Gold requested $150,000 to pay off their medical trailer. On June 16th, Monica was happy to give this great organization $240,000. She would like to thank her BOE branch in Meridian for helping her reach their goal!

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