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Affordable Small Towns

Top 10 Affordable Small Towns Where You’d Actually Want to Live has ranked up their top 10 affordable small towns where you can call home. They ranked more than 500 U.S Census-designated micropolitan areas by median home price. Also factored in low unemployment rates and crime rates below the national average. Check out their top 10 to see if your town has made it or a town that you may be interested in moving to.


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Bank of England Mortgage Gives Back

BOE Mortgage Houston Making A Difference

BOE Mortgage Houston HAAM

Nick, Jason and Adrienne started at our BOE Mortgage Houston branch at the same time. Being new to the area, they decided they wanted to get to know their local community of Humble, TX and figure out how they could give back. Finding that the HAAM (Humble Area Assistance Ministries) was looking for canned donations and volunteers, seemed like the perfect fit. HAAM is a faith-based organization that helps community residents in crisis by providing essential resources to move toward self-sufficiency. They got with the entire BOE Mortgage Houston Team about HAAM’s mission and our team donated canned goods.  Together they donated about 500 canned goods/food to HAAM! Jason Bowie from the team says "every quarter, BOE Mortgage Houston looks for a way to give back, we love making a difference in lives and our community is dear to hearts."

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Credit Do’s and Don’ts

Credit Do’s and Don’ts

While pre-qualification allows buyers to know how much they are qualified to borrow for a new home before they start shopping, and it can speed up the mortgage application process once they find a home they like, prospective homebuyers need to keep in mind that pre-qualification is not final approval. Events and decisions affecting a borrower’s financial profile that occur after pre-qualification but prior to closing can determine whether or not the loan is ultimately approved. Continue reading more on our blog at

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Bank of England Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender.

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