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Hello July
All Things Summer

Hard to believe it’s already July, but hey…it’s here. It’s also the second half of the year, and you know what that means, right? In case you don’t, here is a list of “all the things” to come during this time of year. Are you ready?

  1. Independence Day! It may have already passed, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop the celebration. Plus, we have Christmas in July! No, it’s not really Christmas, but it’s a great time to get your Christmas shopping done. There are about a million sales going on, since it’s almost time for school, so take advantage of them! Those coupons you’ve been saving, now’s the time to use them because they might be expiring soon. So, “Let Freedom Ring” and buy all the things!
  2. School starts back up in August. Not everyone is going back to school, but there are kids in the neighborhood that are. That means that there will be crazy school traffic, so you should be extra careful when driving. When those buses are out and about, remember to stop when they stop. Have you noticed that a lot of buses will actually stop at an angle to ensure that kids can get to the bus safely?
  3. Annually celebrated on the first Monday in September, Labor Day honors the contributions and achievements of American workers. Whether you’re working in office, outdoors, or from home, the fruit of your hard work makes up for it, so make sure you “take the day”. This day is for you. Enjoy it!
  4. Trick-or-treating is in October, so make sure “candy buying” is on your grocery list. Now may be too early (or not), but if you’re the house that gives out “the big candy”, then now may be the best time to buy. Just a thought.
  5. After October, you know the best holidays follow: Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December. Your home will be decorated, the fireplace is lit (if you have one), and you’re home with family. It’s just a heart warming time and you couldn’t ask for more.

Hopefully this helps get you a little bit prepared for this last half of 2022. Good luck! Let’s make it a good one!


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