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There's Truly No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home

With the extreme heat some of us may be experiencing, it’s nice to spend a family day at home with the A/C on full blast! Our homes are an extension of who we are: what we do within the walls of our homes shapes our mood, affects our productivity, and influences our outlook on life. In today’s constantly connected world, it can be easy to become distracted with work and other commitments, and it’s important to find ways to take it easy when the stress of a busy life becomes a burden. Spending time with your family will not only lengthen your life – it creates bonds, nurtures positive behaviors, creates memories, and relieves stress. One of the best methods of relaxing and letting go of stress is spending quality time with family and friends. So enjoy the time inside with your family!

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The fireworks may have dimmed, but you can still celebrate July 4th by gaining independence from your landlord! Owning a home allows you the freedom to decorate, gives you a great investment towards your future, and is (often times) the same amount or LESS than you would be paying in rent! It’s great to know your options. So, light the fuse and download the BOE FastApp to get started! Our quick response time will leave you mind blown!

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Bank of England Mortgage Gives Back

Giving is the Good Life

Giving is the Good Life

Bank of England Mortgage - Alabama will be sponsoring the Olde Towne Daphne Blood Drive being held by LifeSouth Community Blood Center on July 20, 2018! LifeSouth Community Blood Center is a non-profit community blood bank serving more than 100 hospitals in Alabama, Florida and Georgia and are committed to meeting the blood supply needs of hospitals and their patients by providing the highest quality blood components and services. This will be the second time this year that BOEAlabama will have partnered with this non-profit! All donors will receive a recognition item and a free cholesterol screening.

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Blackberry Cobbler

Blackberry Cobble

Cookouts, pool parties, and festive fireworks aside – July is a really big month to show off our patriotism! If you’re feeling “berry” proud to be an American and are looking for something different for your next outing - this blackberry cobbler recipe will definitely help get the party started. For the complete recipe visit

Human Mortgage in a Digital World

Human Mortgage in a Digital World

In recent years a lot of energy and resources have been poured into online resources and the “digital mortgage” experience. Amazon recently announced their eventual stake in online mortgage lending as well. One can certainly argue that getting a mortgage online can be quicker, offer less hassle, and be combined with lower rates and financial incentives – but those advantages come with a downside. For the full article, visit:

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