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Show Your Home a Little Valentine's Day Love


Showing your home a little extra love this time of year is easier than you may expect!

Whether you’re looking to increase your home’s value for a future sale or you just want to increase the power of your largest investment, here are five great ways to boost your home’s value. For the full article, visit



Valentine's day is a day to showcase how much you care about a special someone. But, after a few years the candy, the roses and the fancy dinners can start to feel a little mundane. This Valentine's day, try something different and send that special someone the link to get them started on their home buying journey. Something that will last more than just a day or two. Send them the link to the Fastapp - the fastest way to get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan. 

Bank of England Mortgage Gives Back

BOE Louisville Gives Back

BOE Jacksonville Gives Back

Our Louisville, KY branch put together a "Super Mario Scholarship Party" and piggy backed off that with their "Super Mario Scholarship Golf Scramble" and raised a total of over $4,000 for a local Louisville student to use toward their college tuition. Giving back in such a way enables kids to worry less about money and allows more focus on making the most of a college education and establishing relationships along the way.

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Find BOE Dog

It's only fitting that BOE would take off to the "heart of the U.S" being that it's the month of February. Can you help us find him? (Overland Park, Kansas)

About Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens:

Oreo Truffles Make a Great Heartfelt Valentine's Treat


1 package Oreos ( can use Double Stuffed Oreos as well) & 4 oz Cream Cheese

Dipping Chocolate, white, milk or dark, whichever you prefer…almond bark is my favorite because it hardens faster and quicker and doesn't melt as easy as chocolate chips after it sets up. Find the full recipe here:


Spring Clean Your Finances

Early Tax Tips 

Can you feel it? NOW is the time that you will finally sit down and get your financials in order! People tend to be more motivated in the spring to organize, clean and go through their stuff.

So, as you begin to think about all the things you need to do – follow these steps to help you get started on spring cleaning your finances, and feel the relief sooner than later! Read more at:

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