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Was Ralphie from a christmas story in elf?

As remote as that may sound, (and it does), it is 100% true. Believe it or not, Peter Billingsley who played everyone’s favorite kid in a pink bunny costume, was in 2003’s “Elf,” with Will Ferrell, but that’s not his only other holiday movie credit. He also appeared in the Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon movie, “Four Christmases.” That got to wondering about some other holiday favorites and whether they were fact or fiction:

  1. Jingle Bells wasn’t written as a holiday song.There are no mentions of December or any other holiday and in fact, it was originally entitled “One Horse Open Sleigh,” and according to, it’s was written as an ode to Massachusetts.
  2. The traditional illustration of Santa Claus was designed by Coca-Cola.This is one that we’re sure everyone’s heard at one time or another but we went to the source itself – Coca Cola – and debunked this one for us claiming, “We didn’t create the image but we played a big role in helping shape it.” So you can draw your own conclusions from that.

What are some of your favorite holiday myths or facts? Hit us up on social media and let us know what other ones we’ve been missing.


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Holiday Survival Guide

Believe it or not, the holiday season is here and for the first time in several years (thanks to that virus that shall remain nameless), large family gatherings are back in style. While we have to love our families but it’s okay not to love the stress they bring when they’re stacked fourteen deep in your home. So, you’re left with doing your best Ebenezer Scrooge cosplay and hiding from the world or dawning your best fake smile while you count down the days until January.

But don’t worry, we’ve searched long and hard and found a definitive list of tips for surviving the holidays from the mental health professionals at Psychology Today.

It’s also time to remember that you may have friends or family who are going through their first holiday season without a loved one. So we’ve also looked to the Mayo Clinic for advice on helping deal with grief and loss at the holidays.

If you or a friend needs help at this time of year, dial 988 from any phone in the US for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

Kids Activity - Color a Snowman

Kids Activity

Christmas Sherbet Punch

Cherry Fluff


  • 1 gallon orange sherbet
  • 1 gallon cranberry juice, well chilled
  • Two 2-liter bottles ginger ale, well chilled


Make sure all the ingredients are very cold. Scoop the sherbet into a large punch bowl, then pour in the cranberry juice and ginger ale and stir gently.

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