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The 12 Days of Christmas: BOE Edition

On the first day of Christmas BOE gave to me: a home on a quiet street
On the second day of Christmas BOE gave to me: 2 car garage
On the third day of Christmas BOE gave to me: 3 full baths
On the fourth day of Christmas BOE gave to me: 4 comfy bedrooms
On the fifth day of Christmas BOE gave to me: 5 Statehouse Plaza
On the sixth day of Christmas BOE gave to me: 6 days til closing
On the seventh day of Christmas BOE gave to me: 7 perfect loan options
On the eighth day of Christmas BOE gave to me: 8 minute FastApp
On the ninth day of Christmas BOE gave to me: 99 branches
On the tenth day of Christmas BOE gave to me: 10 times the service
On the eleventh day of Christmas BOE gave to me: 11 lovely neighbors
On the twelfth day of Christmas BOE gave to me: 12 lower payments

This is Abby. Abby just applied for a home loan using the Bank of England Mortgage FastApp. Abby is amazed that she was able to upload all her documents, check her loan status, access her realtor and loan officers' contact information, request an on the fly pre-qualification letter, use a map service to find her title company, while being able to utilize a loan calculator and other loan tools ALL on her phone! Abby is calling her friends to tell them her newfound, favorite home loan app. Be like Abby. Download the FastApp and then tell your friends!

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BOE California Loves the Community

Downtown Fall Festival & Chili Cookoff

Ellen Van Der Bosch from BOE Laguna Niguel CA branch has founded a group called Missing addicts are located who are living on the streets. Many are from all over the United States and walked away from rehabs with nothing but the clothes on their backs. This leaves frantic families wondering where to start to look for them while they are hundreds or thousands of miles away from home.

47% of cases were located by both distributing fliers online, nationwide, as well as by putting individual messages (text) on sandwiches (wich) with a head shot of our missing subject. There are almost 1,000 volunteers across the country.
Downtown Fall Festival & Chili Cookoff Volunteers then distribute sack lunches with these messages on them on the streets and parks where subjects might be. The meal recipients then provide us with clues on sightings and places as to where they have been sighted. Ellen has had the opportunity hand the sack lunches to the subjects personally on three different occasions! Food trucks have donated meals and put a wall of missing people fliers for Bee Fed Events.

Ellen also has Facebook support groups for families with missing people and moms who love street kids. Right now Ellen and her team are working in the Santa Ana Civic Center to provide action plans to get the homeless off the streets. The city is removing hundreds of tents just as winter months are approaching. On December 2 Bee Fed LA on skid row was planned. They are partnering with other groups to provide blankets and clothes and a hot meal while the missing person display wall is looked at.

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Cool Facts About Bellevue, WA :
When it comes to the holidays, we should all make friends with people in Bellevue. Residents in that city are expected to have the largest holiday budget in the state.
In fact, with an average holiday budget of $2,367, Bellevue takes third place in the nation for spending between the middle of November and December 25th.

Monthly income: $9,490
Monthly expenses: $6,120
Savings: $9,259
Age: 39.1
Average holiday budget: $2,367

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Carrot Key

This holiday season, serve your friends and family a perfect pot roast for dinner. It's an elegant yet easy to make main dish! The Best Pot Roast You Will Ever Put in your Mouth – Kym Edmonson >>

Indoor Winter House Cleaning & Organizing


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