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Back to School

No Place Like Home

As summer ends, many of us are now thinking about how we can prepare for the upcoming school year. The back-to-school sales are everywhere and before you know it, your home will be overwhelmed with papers. Start now to get organized for the best school year ever! The first day of school is no time for a drastic adjustment of household sleep schedules. Instead, ease children back into a school year routine gradually. During the last two weeks of summer, re-introduce a school year bedtime. Begin waking late sleepers earlier and earlier, closer to the hour they'll need to rise when school begins. Don't neglect mealtimes! Younger children, in particular, need to adapt to new meal routines before the school day demands it of them. Plan meals and snacks to accustom little ones to rituals of the school day before the school year begins. Start planning for the hectic school mornings as well! Plan some time each evening thinking ahead about where can you lighten the load for the next morning? Lay out children’s clothing the night before, pack lunches, and make sure all backpacks are ready to go! Happy new school year!

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Bank of England Mortgage Gives Back

BOEIndy Gives Back

Giving is the Good Life

Travis Brown and our BOEIndy team will be at the Hawthorne Golf and Country Club on September 10th playing golf and making dreams come true! This charity golf outing will be a benefit for the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund. For over 30 years, Indiana Children’s Wish Fund has been putting smiles on children’s faces who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening or terminal illness. Boys and girls are granted with wishes that range from shopping sprees to Disney World vacations for the entire family. Granting their wish gives these brave children something to look forward to and encourages them to build strength and hope for the future.

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BOE's Life

BOE's Life

Crock Pot Pizza

Crock Pot Pizza

With back to school season in full swing, you have plenty of other things to worry about then “what’s for dinner?” Getting adjusted to a new schedule, homework and after-school activities keep us hoppin’, so rely on your good ‘ole Crock Pot to cook dinner for you! This Crock Pot Pizza recipe is a dinner your entire family will love. The best part is you can set it, forget it and come back at dinner time with a meal ready to go! For the complete recipe visit

Mortgage Rates and Buying Behaviors

Mortgage Rates and Buying Behaviors

As mortgage rates rise, I am commonly asked, “Has business slowed down?” While business has NOT slowed down, it does beg the question, “What impact does higher interest rates have on buying behaviors?” For the full article, visit:

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