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A BOE Story from Loan Officer Gregory Ward - Tempe, Arizona

Jacksonville, FL’s own Troy Silhan recently helped a client who has worked for another mortgage lender for 14+ years. She was denied refinancing by her employer because her debt-to-income ratio was too high. Her daughter, whom was a past client of Bank of England Mortgage, told her mom to reach out to Troy for a second look.

She not only closed with BOE, but she was able to do so within 30 days. She did a cash-out refinance and was able to pay off a credit card balance and an installment loan totaling $10,000.00, saving her a total of $750 per month. She started the refi process with an interest rate of 4% on her current mortgage. Her employer (a mortgage lender) offered her a lower rate but it was not as low as the rate Troy was able to offer. Her rate was lowered by 1.25%!

When Troy called her with the clear to close news, she was in tears. She had reservations because her own employer wasn’t able to make it happen – but we did. She went from devastated to elated in less than 30 days! It’s truly more than loans…it’s people!

Thanks for reading! We look forward to having a new BOE Story for you next month!

Be Prepared

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Things To Know

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