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Have you been wondering how to import a credit file into Encompass after it was pulled via FastApp? After obtaining the credit report ID from the Partners site you’ll head into Encompass. Once there, click on “Order Credit”, select Partners and click “Submit”, on the right within the dropdown select (Import Credit File), and finally type the Report ID into the Reference number field and click “finish”!

Team 225 BOE

Team 225 BOE

We’ve launched a new website! Visit to see more!

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Stay Social Stay Social

Facebook is the platform that allows loan officers to be local, helpful and friendly. Use Facebook as your outlet for showcasing purchasing opportunities, promoting open houses and community events. Boost posts that are time-sensitive to build viewers exponentially. Engage with articles about home improvements and curb appeal Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. Be transparent, consistent and professional with responses. Be the friendly, neighborhood mortgage professional. Your Facebook audience may not always need you, but they will always be watching. Stay fresh and friendly and you'll be their top-of-mind lender for the day when they are ready to reach out to a mortgage professional.

Millennial Mom Millennial Finance

Quite a few people mistakenly believe that millennials somehow never got around to learning about finances such as: investing, savings, credit, taxes, equity and loans. However, the fact that this group is one of the top buyers today seems to indicate that millennials are not only financially savvy, but they also understand the process and appreciate the vast benefits of homeownership.

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Compliance Matters
Compliance Matters

Customize Shareff

Customize Shareff

At the end of each Shareff post (depending on the content) either a hashtag, weblink or FastApp link is applied. Did you know with Shareff 3.0 you now have the ability to customize all three of these?! All you have to do is email and let us know what you’d like!