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As a bank, there are certain things we must include in marketing collateral and digital media to meet regulations. Compliance is Key. We need to make sure we include disclaimers, the proper logos, that we can back all claims, and that we have any other required information when creating and using marketing collateral. Please be sure all social media pages that you create are compliant. If you have social media pages that you have not submitted to Marketing for audit yet, please do so.

If you’re wanting to create a page but are not sure where to begin, view our latest Social Media Compliance webinar:

Take Control of your Space! Millennials Minutia

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

REMINDER: When ordering business cards you must submit a photo that is at least 300dpi and has a pixel dimension of no less than 700 px wide. Portraits should show from top of the head down to mid shoulders and not be edited or resized without professional imaging software. Do not submit images pulled from the internet or social media pages as the size has been interpolated for screen view and is no longer optimized for print.