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Stay Compliant
Stay Compliant

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When you download from sites like Zillow they change the format of the photos. JPEGs and PNGs are the preferred file type for uploading to MONA artwork. Download your property photos from from our new MLS listings to avoid any issues!

Housing Market Increased Competition

Millennials are looking forward to buying a home, but feel overwhelmed by the process. Millennials are buying homes. This much is known. But, despite the much-discussed generation making their entrance into the housing market, many still are still very uneasy about the process. To try to get into the minds of millennials, TD Bank surveyed more than 850 millennials (which it categorizes as age 23-38) who are planning to buy their first home in 2020. Read the full article from HousingWire.

email issues

Email Issues

To ensure compliance with the variance laws and regulations regarding marketing materials for residential mortgage lending, it is the policy of Bank of England Mortgage that any marketing materials of any type be approved by the Marketing Department of Bank of England Mortgage, PRIOR to use. Please allow 24 hours for Marketing Approvals. Review the Marketing Approval Policy on the Intranet.
Intranet > Document Repository > Marketing > Policy > Marketing Approval Policy


Ask your audience plenty of questions and use surveys, opinion polls, and other ways to get responses and build engagement.
Key statistic: Studies show that consumers are more likely to pay attention, engage, and respond when asked for their opinion or feedback.
Common mistake: Be quiet and just listen – but that’s exactly where your true connection to your audience and clients starts!