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FastApp Share!

FastApp Share

As the number of BOE Mortgage branches continues to grow, so does the importance of even better ways to ensure your borrower’s application makes it to you. The first step is helping them painlessly select your branch’s mobile FastApp. They can find you by City & State, Zip Code, LO & State, or the simplest way is by them entering your Branch Code.

NEW FastApp Share provides a way to invite borrowers by simply entering the phone number or email address of the borrower from inside the Loan Officer portal of your Mobile FastApp! This is also available in the Realtor portal (Realtor will need to select a Loan Officer when entering the borrower's number or email). Watch the video now by clicking the image above!

BOE New York

BOE New York

We’ve launched another Forever New Site! Head over to NOW. Interested in learning more about our Forever New website development program?
Email to learn more! We’ve had so many branches take advantage of this great program – who’s next?

New Business Card Templates
New Business Card Templates

Flyer Content Flyer Content

99% of the time those one-page flyers do not translate to social. By default, flyer content is not optimized for social media. A flyer traditionally is produced for a certain medium, like a PDF or printing a physical document. Taking a screenshot of that bad boy and posting it on Linkedin will make the image look distorted, not to mention the negative view on your brand. If you are going to build a flyer for social, then build it in the best format for that specific channel.

Millennials Know What They Want Millennials Know What They Want

Housing prices have soared by nearly 40% in the past three-plus decades, far outpacing wage increases and making homeownership much more of a challenge for today's buyers. The increase is even more dramatic the further back you look: Today's average home price is more than 70% higher than what a buyer faced in the 1960s.

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