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BOE Bombers: Featured: Scott Sax (left) and Mark Guenther (right), two BOE members on the Bombers Team holding Colorado State Cup

Scott Sax and Mark Guenther, both from our BOE Colorado branch, play for the Bank of England Mortgage Bombers o40 socccer team! The team won the Colorado State Cup on July 8th!

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Think about the old Woody Allen line, "80% of success is showing up." Loan officers who show up at their closings have a tremendous social media marketing opportunity - to put first-time homebuyers' social media behavior to work for them. Next time you attend a closing, ask your buyers if they would like to take a photo together to celebrate! Then (here's the important part) ask them to TAG YOU in the photo on social media. By doing this, you are being introduced to their HUNDREDS of friends. They just let their friends know that they bought a home...and that YOU helped make it happen.


Tired looking young professional man photo. Text: What keeps Millennials up at night? 1) Having a low credit score, reported 47%, 2) Saving for a down payment, reported 59%. source:


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Did you know that MONA is located on the Intranet? MONA houses templates for your convenience, so if you want to create something at midnight and place an order, you can! She allows you to customize flyers, brochures, letterheads, yard signs, etc. You can order directly from corporate's vendor or download the PDF and send to a printer locally. All marketing you create is saved for reordering ease. You can access MONA through the BOE Intranet. Please make sure to use Google Chrome.


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