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Social Media Compliance Business Cards

As a bank, there are certain things we must include in marketing collateral and digital media to meet regulations. Compliance is Key. We need to make sure we include disclaimers, the proper logos, that we can back all claims, and that we have any other required information when creating and using marketing collateral. Please be sure all social media pages that you create are compliant. If you have social media pages that you have not submitted to Marketing for audit yet, please do so.
If you’re wanting to create a page but are not sure where to begin, view our latest Social Media Compliance webinar:

Be Consistent

Consistent When Marketing

It simply means a borrower has started a FastApp and most likely used your NMLS or selected your name from the dropdown. In some cases, they may have started a FastApp within your branch and said they don’t have an officer, causing the FastApp to select a random eligible originator within your branch and you won the draw.

Play in the Puddles
Play in the Puddles

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1. Have one profile for business and one profile for personal.
2. Commit your time, staff, energy and resources. "I will do it when I get a spare moment" is not enough. You need to commit to a constant barrage of information dissemination that requires daily attention.
3. Consider your audience and what they want, not what you think they want.

Housing Market Increased Competition

Millennials are anticipated to drive the U.S. housing market forward in 2020 more than ever, with large cohorts expected to either purchase their first home or decamp from city to suburb and trade up. The group of individuals born between 1981 and 1997 "are reaching key life milestones" in 2020—4.8 million of them are turning 30, a time when many people purchase their first homes—and are expected to take on more than half of all mortgages next year, outnumbering Generation X and Baby Boomers combined, according to the report. The eldest of the millennial generation, meanwhile, will turn 39 next year—often a point when people look to move from the city to the suburbs for family-friendly amenities.

Stay Compliant
Stay Compliant

Marketing Webinars
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