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REMINDER: When ordering business cards you must submit a photo that is at least 300dpi and has a pixel dimension of no less than 700 px wide. Portraits should show from top of the head down to mid shoulders and not be edited or resized without professional imaging software. Do not submit images pulled from the internet or social media pages as the size has been interpolated for screen view and is no longer optimized for print.

Angel Tree

Angel Tree

Our BOEGives campaign was a SUCCESS! We brought so much joy by giving toys to organizations across the entire USA this holiday season! We want say THANK YOU to everyone who donated. You have truly helped us make a difference.

Bites the crust
Another Bites the crust

Be Consistent

Consistent When Marketing

Your branch has a specific logo color. If you’re not sure which color your branch has chosen - ask your branch manager. Brand consistency is SO important when marketing your branch. Why? Because it’s taking marketing to the next level. Consistency makes your brand feel more dependable and consumers trust brands that they recognize. You will want to use the same color logo in all your branch marketing, in your signature, social media posts, on flyers, etc. The green logo is the national logo and used by 85% of our branches.

Horizontal Horizontal Video

In a mobile-first world, doing vertical video is key to the various "story" platforms (such an Instagram Stories) but if have plans to publish your video to mainstream channels like, YouTube, Vimeo, your website, etc. do not do it in vertical mode. The vertical format does not translate well to "landscape" channels. You get the "black bar" effect on the sides of the video which makes the video harder to watch. Make sure to go landscape mode when planning on syndicate on other channels.

Marketing Webinars
Marketing Webinar Graphic

We will be delaying January’s webinar to the SECOND Wednesday of the month – January 8th, 2019. We will go over the BOE Company Store and Rental Items!

Increased Competition Increased Competition

Stay Compliant
Stay Compliant