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Kickoff Classic Smashes All Records

On August 20th and 21st our Arkansas branches hosted the Bank of England Mortgage Kick Off Classic! Eight high school teams from around Arkansas went head-to-head to kick off the upcoming football season! BOE Arkansas supplied all fans with free hotdogs and chips as they entered the games and our mascot BOE took pictures and threw out promo items!

Say Hello to BOEPages!

We have a NEW web & mobile company directory called BOE Pages! If you’re looking to contact someone in the company use BOE Pages to find their information!

Mobile App -

Website -

Prophit Batch Import

When uploading a batch import of contacts to Prophit you will be prompted to complete a Step 2! This step will have you mark which field in your file goes to which field in your database. Completing this will ensure that your database is input accurately!

Video and Infographics Rule!

In 2017, more than 70% of the online content was video. In second place was visual content - mainly infographics. This type of content gets shared four times as much as plainly written materials because it is easy to read and engages the viewers. You can use infographics to share interesting things or fun facts about houses, building, or the market. You can also use video recordings of different homes for people who don’t seem to find the time to visit the place or try a live video from a building that doesn’t have many potential buyers.

Millenial Marriage Mistakes

A major factor that keeps Millennials out of the homebuying market longer than previous generations is  delaying marriage. Delaying family formation is, in fact, a hindrance to homeownership. As it turns out, being married increases the probability of owning a home by a full 18 percentage points after accounting for other factors such as age, income, race/ethnicity and education. If the marriage rate in 2015 had been the same as it was in 1990, the Millennial homeownership rate would be about five percentage points higher.