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FastApp Lead

FastApp Leads

It simply means a borrower has started a FastApp and most likely used your NMLS or selected your name from the dropdown. In some cases, they may have started a FastApp within your branch and said they don't have an officer, causing the FastApp to select a random eligible originator within your branch and you won the draw.



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Last Call eblast
Last Call eblast

Social Media Social Media

Just a few years ago not everybody would have considered social media to be such an important piece of their business. So why is social media marketing now so important for loan officers and other business professionals? Because a vast majority of people spend a whole lot of their time consuming what they see and read on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others. And no, we’re not talking about kids firing off Snaps to each other. In fact, according to a Pew Research Center study published in March of 2018, 68% of adults in the U.S. use Facebook. And roughly three-quarters of those adults use the platform daily.

Millennials are willing to put in hours Millennials are ready to put in hours

Millennials are willing to put in the hours to fix up a home in a way that other generations haven’t typically desired to do, which means that fixer-uppers and used homes with a substantial number of problems are no longer as difficult to sell as they once were. With the debts that many millennials incur from college, they are primarily searching for entry-level homes that come with a lower price tag. Many of these homeowners will do the work themselves when purchasing a fixer-upper, which allows them to put in sweat equity with their property in place of a cost premium.

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