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Have you visited our Marketing Website? It’s a GREAT place to get familiar with all of the GREAT marketing tools that are available to you. You can also find the link to order your business cards and create your BOE signature!
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Insider News

Insider News

Our BOE Southern States Group recently supported World Down Syndrome Day by sharing their #RockYourSockForDowns campaign on social media! They encouraged their teams and followers to wear their brightest, wackiest and most colorful socks for the campaign to encourage conversations about diversity, uniqueness, inclusion and acceptance.

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As a kid, back-to-school shopping meant finding cool clothes and accessories that helped you express yourself. It was all about creating an identity, and your social media profile is no different. Start by adding a new headshot. You always want your image to be as current as possible so you’re instantly recognizable to potential clients and colleagues. This is especially important on LinkedIn, where professional contacts are trying to match faces to the business cards they’ve collected.

Millennials Millennials

As the economy continues to strengthen and more millennials find themselves with job security, it’s a good bet that more of them will look to actively participate in the housing market. Not only that, but inventory levels are still relatively low, which should contribute to already high levels of competition. In the coming year, it will be commonplace for homes to receive multiple offers, with higher bids being favored by homeowners for obvious reasons.

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Compliance Matters
Compliance Matters

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Bank of England Mortgage is a company that has spent the last 120 years becoming a strong and recognized brand. With a small-town start, we have grown to become a trusted, nationwide company that helps people realize their dreams of owning a home. We created The BOE Book as a guide to help you navigate the dos and don’ts of our branch usage and how to keep it looking clean, consistent and professional – which is what we strive for every day!
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