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I was born in Tennessee, but most of my life has been spent right here in Arkansas. Although, growing up in Little Rock, AR, my husband Jeff and I chose Benton as our home in 2004 to be closer to our families. Family and friends play a huge role in my life. I enjoy quality time with both, whether it's lake time, traveling, shopping or watching movies. Remmie and Jolene, my Boxer dog duo, keep the house full of excitement. My background is in retail marketing and strategies. With over 20 years' retail experience, supervising, customization of materials, and customer support. I joined the Bank of England Mortgage marketing team in 2015. My role consists of assisting in all aspects of marketing. I focus primarily on local event coordinating, billing and management of the BOE Co Store. My objective is to provide excellent service to our BOE Mortgage branches, facilitate branding promotion across all social media platforms, increase our marketing efforts throughout all branches and keep Amanda sane in the meantime!

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