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Amanda Herman

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First of all, I love my job. It’s literally a dream come true. I grew up in Arkansas, not far from where I live now and after living in St. Louis, Tampa, and Dallas, I came home to be back near family. My son Luke, 21, is in college and aspiring to be a surgeon. My daughter Jacey, 14, is a competitive gymnast. Both are great kids and love Arkansas as much as I do.

I don’t think there are many employment opportunities you truly have to help people while having the freedom to fulfill your creative instincts. I consider myself very fortunate to have that opportunity. Although many view marketing/advertising as being frivolous, it’s actually the lifeblood of our industry and my team and I understand that very well. The decisions we make on a day-in day-out basis affect much more than our clients and our branch employees; it affects their families and future opportunities. We take that responsibility very seriously and it’s what drives us to put in the extra time and hold our standards to the highest levels.

I’ve worn many hats over my 19-year career in the mortgage industry and I have a deep understanding of most everything from the local office front line grind all the way to the corporate decision making processes. This familiarity gives me the insight needed to help Bank of England Mortgage and its nearly 150 branches be competitive in all aspects of our marketing and advertising approach.

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