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Bank of England Mortgage CRuMbs Your customer relations manager. Email or mail postcard campaigns to your borrowers and realtor contacts. Campaigns such as Loan Anniversary, New Loan, Happy Birthday, Refinance, Holiday’s, We’re here to Help, etc. Stay in front of your clients! Check out the tutorials available under “places” dropdown to see the ins and outs of CRuMbs.

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I had been trying to reach a previous customer from a year ago as a follow up for a refinance to take advantage of the lower interest rate environment. After leaving 2-3 separate emails and 4-5 voicemails over a period of nearly 45 days, I received the ‘auto-crumbs’ opportunity reminder that my previous customer had an anniversary on their loan. I simply made 2 clicks within the site and it sent an auto generated email that thanked my borrower for their business and that it was their Loan Anniversary. That email was replied to within nearly 15 minutes of it being sent. It goes to say at least with my scenario that it works and it was incredibly easy because CRuMBs “Teed it Up” for me and we ended up getting the borrower lined up for a new refinance.

Mike Talkington, VP - Overland Park, KS

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